Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Perks of Taking the High Road

Society is full of bad advice-really bad advice. Society is self-serving. Society is quick to act. Quick to anger. Quick to seek revenge. Society doesn't seek God first when confronted with adverse situations-especially when it comes to conflict. As a woman who has lived through utter destruction because of others' actions, I can testify that taking the high road isn’t easy. It's not easy at all. I actually found it quite difficult at times to keep my mouth shut and not go all spidermonkey on the ones who hurt me, but, in the end, it's so worth it. I get to remain free.
Through my journey the past 9 months (in my personal and work life), I have realized 5 perks that come with taking the high road. Being the bigger person can truly help us grow, heal, practice self-discipline and teach us things we never knew about ourselves; it can save us from further damage. Put on your big girl (or boy) panties and take these into deep consideration as you find yourself having to face conflict-especially when you are wronged.

1. You keep your integrity. When we stoop to the level of the one who betrayed us, we can often hurt ourselves. We can lose the respect of others, cause people to question our morals and dignity. When you choose to keep your mouth shut and your actions calm, you win. You don’t give that person the satisfaction of getting the best of you. You can keep your reputation; you can hold fast onto your personal integrity.
2.You gain peace. Anxiety can often ensue when we seek out to destroy others. Being wrapped up in anger and uncontrolled emotions, you will find that it can and will consume you. When you choose to let it go (forgive), there’s a peace that takes its place. Peace allows us to keep our sanity, our normalcy and our health.
3. You earn respect. People watch your actions whether you know it or not. People will watch how you handle things especially adversity. When I chose to take the high road, many people confronted me and told me how much respect they had for me because I was doing something most people wouldn’t or couldn’t. This made me feel good. It helped me rise above and motivated me to continuing to do the right thing. Respect is everything and by choosing to handle a disastrous situation with dignity, people will see it. People will be inspired.
4. You grow. I’ve never been more proud of myself-I learned that I had self-discipline like I never thought I had. I grew as a person learning to control my actions, learning the journey of forgiveness, and learning that I was a strong woman who deserved more. I was able to mentor others and through giving advice that counters society’s, I was able to help other women make better decisions-not for the person who hurt them, but for themselves.
5. You become worthy of grace. We all make mistakes. Heck, we may have hurt others and caused pain and when we came to the point where we needed mercy and grace, did we receive it as we had hoped for? Have you ever needed forgiveness so desperately in order to heal and move forward? Who are we to deny the same? When we extend forgiveness, we can then be worthy of receiving forgiveness for our transgressions. When we selflessly show grace, we then become worthy of being given grace. You reap what you sow.
Maybe if more people chose to not act on all thoughts, practice self-control and forgive, the world would be a more peaceful place. Maybe instead of seeking revenge and destruction, we seek to love beyond what is deserved. We choose to better ourselves and positively influence others. So, the next time your blood pressure is rising and your inner psycho starts acting a fool, stop, breathe and chill.
When you want to throat-punch someone, don't. When you want to ream someone with verbal assaults, stop. Act like a lady. Keep it together. Remember what your momma told ya-if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all.  And we all know momma knows best. And so does God. 


  1. I desperately needed to hear this today. Your advice and wisdom is so contrary to what the world tells us. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. You are so welcome! Makes my heart happy to hear this....and this is why I write!! Keep reading new posts!

  2. i have been following you closely till now my life has taken a new path into following jesus,keep it up dear sister in christ.i hv been transformed from nothing to something.